26.5.2012 | 01:34

I have an addiction. I’m addicted to books. There. I said it. I love most fictional stories; stories that take me away from the chaos that is my life. I love the damsel in distress, the strong female lead, a bad boy alpha male, sarcastic humor, and above all else, I love to read books that make me feel like I’m apart of the story.

Because I love being pulled into a story, I wanted to bring the reader into a world I’ve created. I’m a new author with a series of books on the way, titled “The Broken Road Series”. The first book, “The Broken Road”, is set to come out on July 15, 2012. I’m currently working on the second book, “The Road Home”. My books are told in the first person, set in present day Maryland, to bring you into the minds of the main characters. To feel their heartache and their frustration, their struggle with power, their hopes, their despair and their joy. I hope you feel as connected to the characters as I do. Happy reading.


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  1. joshua cole
    May 28, 2012 | 7:54 pm

    I have this saved as on of my favorites on my browser. Now get me actual copy of the book so i can put it on my shelf lol After reading it of course

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