Help the American Red Cross.

2.11.2012 | 19:42

I was in NYC this past weekend to attend the Self-Publishing Expo. Expo was awesome, NYC was amazing – as usual.
I went to the city knowing that Hurricane Sandy was on her way, and slightly worried that I’d might not make it home to Washington, D.C. before she hit. Luckily, I made it out on the 12pm bus.. and home by 7pm to my stressed husband and stir-crazy kids. During and after the storm, we were lucky not to experience any power outages or flooding. But as you know, so many people were not so lucky. Seeing the devastation – on the news, social media and through my friends – makes my heart ache. I want to help. I want to get New Jersey, New York City, and the rest of my New England friends back on their feet.

From November 01 thru November 17, I will donate $1 from each ebook purchase and $2 for each print purchase of The Broken Road to the American Red Cross. The money will be used for clothing, food, shelter, and medical care for all those displaced or in need. And the need is great.

If you don’t want to buy a book, that’s totally cool. But please consider donating to the Red Cross, Salvation Army, or any other legit charity (make sure its a 501-c charity. Beware of scams!).

No matter where you live, or who you are, we are apart of one community. So please help your friends, help your neighbors and help a stranger.

~~Melissa xoxo~~

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