Happy Post Thanksgiving Day!!!!

23.11.2012 | 09:15

Or otherwise known as – Happy don’t you dare look at the scale Day!

I hope everyone had a wonderful, gut-busting, drama free day yesterday. Every year since my husband and I have been together, we celebrate the holiday with my mother’s side of the family. I love going to my aunt’s house for Thanksgiving. Its’ my favorite meal (literally – when I was pregnant with #1 – I asked my mom to make me a complete Turkey day meal – because I was craving it that badly). We eat early in the afternoon and pick at leftovers for dinner. Its far from formal, with everyone sitting on the floor/sofa and watching football. Yesterday was no exception – it was awesome (especially to see the Redskins kick the Cowboys’ behinds!).

When I was growing up, my grandmother – then my mother- would always make Thanksgiving lunch. The house would be a madhouse, with cousins running all over the place, my aunts bickering about how much pepper to use (they use a LOT), sneaking bits of turkey, the smell of candied yams (which, btw, apparently no one likes but me – why I didn’t know this years ago is beyond me), snacking on pickles and pimento cheese laced celery. The dads would be in the garage or in the basement watching football. After they called for lunch/dinner/linner?, it was a huge traffic jam in my mom’s small kitchen. Looking back – it was controlled chaos. And I loved every minute of it.

Now that my mom’s passed (8 thanksgivings have passed), I look forward to continuing the tradition. We go to my aunt’s house, where 2 of my mom’s sisters make the exact same type of turkey, stuffing, and broccoli and cheese mash, that my grandmother and mother made. We bicker about pies and cleaning up. And I love it. It reminds me of my childhood. It reminds me of what I have to be grateful for. As much as we bicker, tease, etc, we are still family. And nothing can change that.

So I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. I hope you got to spend time with loved ones, either by relationships or by blood. I hope peace was forged between families, if only for one day. I hope fights were forgiven and resentments were laid to rest. I hope you and yours created memories that will last for forever.

xoxo melissa
(and I hope you get really great deals today on Black Friday!)

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