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24.5.2013 | 20:19

So my friend Christoph Paul, author of the insanely funny book Passion of the Christoph, asked me to sit down and chat about The Broken Road Series, especially Broken Promises. I love talking with Christoph, so I jumped at the chance! But needless to say – I didn’t realize he would drag me over the coals so quickly! If you want to know more about the fiendishly clever and perverted mind of Christoph, check out his website, his facebook , and his tweets.

Interview with Melissa Huie of The Broken Road Series.

Ten Questions With Christoph

1) Melissa, let us cut to the chase, when is the second book of “The Broken Road Series” coming out?

UGH!!!! SOON!!!!! I feel like a horrible person to keep saying SOON, but not following through. It’s like dangling a cupcake in front of me while I’m running on the treadmill. It’s rotten and not fair. Seriously though, it should HOPEFULLY be here by the end of the summer. I’ve been having mojo issues – and not liking how the story is playing out – so I’m having to change a bunch of scenarios around. But SOON!

2) Okay, now that we got that out of the way is Jessica Swift an awesome editor or just a hottie with good word skills?

Uh – BOTH. She’s an amazing woman and an enormous asset. I like that she doesn’t give any bullshit, she’ll tell you straight off the bat if something sucks. But she’ll do it in an encouraging way so you don’t feel like shit after you get off the phone with her. “The Broken Road” wouldn’t be here without her. Hell, I wouldn’t be the writer I am without her. Not only did she edit my book, she gave me the guidance and the confidence to break through my invisible barriers. She’s a fucking rock star.

3) I know you have kids; I do not have any kids and wonder how the hell writers find the time to take care of the kids and still write.

Like all parents, trying to carve out time for yourself is a juggling act, especially when you work full-time. It is all about time management, having a good partner/support system, and getting very little sleep. During the week, I write when they’re in bed. On the weekends, I write whenever I can squeeze in time.

Take today for example, I went to work, did a full 8 hour day, went to a school play/reception thing (The wedding of Q&U, and how they’ll always be together forever – quite cute actually), took my kids to dinner at the pizza place where my husband met us. I then went to the gym for an hour, came home, showered, and now I’m supposed to be writing. I put things off – like the 10 loads of clean laundry sitting in baskets in my bedroom. My husband helps too (does more than I do) and is incredibly supportive, so as long as the dishes are done, the kids are fed, and somewhere there’s clean underwear, I can write.

4) Damn, I am not doing the kid stuff for a while. Reproducing sounds really hard. Okay, back to books, what was the first book you read where you like: damn, that is good but I could write something like that?

Good Lord, I don’t know. Probably “Twilight”. The stories were simple enough, but the words flowed easily and I wanted to be able to captivate the reader, just like she did.

5) Fucking “Twilight”, (note to self, I need to write some vampire shit…) Okay back to the issues at hand, if you had a free pass what would you want more Broken Road Series to be a world-wide best seller or a night with Channing Tatum?

World Wide Best Seller of course. Channing Tatum is hot, and can move like God knows what.. but he’s just a pretty face with a killer body. I want to be a world-wide best seller, with GREAT reviews.

6) Being a busy mom do you have a writing spot or territory where you can write or do you just write where and whenever you can?

With three kids (ages 4.5, 6.5 and 10) they are pretty self-sufficient. Most of the time, I write in the kitchen with either coffee, iced tea or a Hard Cider next to me. But if they want to go outside and wander around the woods at the end of my street, I go and write outside on my front porch. As long as they are within eyesight/earshot, we’re good.

7) Do you do research for your characters? Like if there is a stripper scene in book 2 or 3 how would you research this profession?

I do a lot of research for the book. For “The Broken Road”, as well as the entire series, the FBI and DEA element is huge. I spoke with several friends that are former and current agents that gave me a lot of technical verbiage to use, in addition to answering my questions about different tactics and scenarios. There are other venues I’m researching, such as MMA fighting/training, dock workers, radio personalities, and yes – even strippers. I find that people are more than willing to talk to someone about their career or passion. And the web is also a great learning tool. The last thing I want to do is sound stupid. It doesn’t take much time to make sure your facts are correct.

8) Who is a writer you feel needs to get more props and be known about?

Oh hell – there are so many. Katy Evans, author of the book “REAL”. Gail McHugh, author of “COLLIDE”. Cherri Lynn, author of the “Rock Me”. They are all amazing authors. I believe Cherri is a NYT best seller – but she’s freaking awesome. Also if people liked “50 Shades”, they really need to look at Maya Banks and Lori Foster. They do erotica like no other. Oh – and no one does boys school masturbation like the infamous Christoph Paul.

9) That is true, I like to think of myself as a Monet of boy school masturbation. But enough about my brilliance, I must know have you thought or even attempted an outline for Book 3 yet? I

I have a synopsis and a brief outline/endgame for books 3-7. I have people I want to introduce but it is difficult because what happens in book 2, ultimately changes the rest of the series. So I’m slowly piecing the series together.

10) Last question, what do you enjoy most about the act of writing?

I love allowing my imagination to run wild and think of all these concepts, people, acts that they do. And I love twisting and turning the plot and characters, weaving my own web of destruction and lust.

Word. Keep on weaving. Thank You Melissa.


  1. Angie
    July 6, 2013 | 8:06 pm

    Wow…this really SUX!! I read Broken Trail a year ago…and I waited SO anxiously for the release of the follow up…and I waited…and waited and….waited. Broken Promises…if EVER released is an extremely fitting title! I give up Melissa…you appear to have a great talent in writing, but obviously not the desire. For that, your fan following suffers, I suppose. How sad for us. I, however, am done waiting. There are way to many other authors out there waiting for me to discover them while I aimlessly search for the book that never was, of yours.


    • Melissa
      July 6, 2013 | 8:34 pm

      Hi Angie.

      While its unfortunate that you feel I don’t have the desire to write, let me ensure you that I do. This website is not updated as frequently as my FB site, so you may not have seen all the updates and snippets of book 2.

      It was never my intention to lead anyone astray and I’ve been extremely forthcoming on the fb about my writing. I am a working mother of three kids and paying for this out of my own pocket. while I wish desperately Broken Promises would be available or hell, finished, life as well as the writing process has delayed it.

      So again, my fans are important and so is my book.I’m doing the best I can and once Broken Promises is out, I truly hope you enjoy it.

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