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11.5.2014 | 02:34

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!!

And to the grandmothers… and aunts raising their nieces and nephews.. Single dads who are both the mom and the dad… To the biological moms and foster moms and adoptive moms… To the neighbor who cares more about the well being of a stranger’s child than the child’s own parents… To those who love and care for children like they were their own… Happy Mother’s day. Without your love and support and guidance – we would truly not be here today.

I was … and hell – still am -… fortunate enough to have so many amazing motherly influences in my life. I had a wealth of friends’ moms, aunt’s, neighbors, who always looked out for me. I have an amazing relationship with my mother-in-law, whom I love dearly (shocking I know!). And I have a kick-ass group of moms that I’ve been friends with for eleven years, and we’ve been through hell and back together. And still going strong. (Love you ladies!!)

I lost my mom ten years ago this August.

My mother was an amazing woman. She didn’t cure cancer; she didn’t go to the moon. She had her faults. But she was my mother; the mom who made me a full Thanksgiving dinner for my birthday because of pregnancy cravings. The same mom who taught me how to drive, to stand-up for myself in the face of bullies, to say no to friends who didn’t have my best interest in mind. The same mom who was there for me whenever I had a problem, allowed me to curse her out then cry on her shoulder, asking for forgiveness

My own mom was my rock. I learned so much from her. How to be a kind, loving person. How to be a wonderful and caring mother. She only met two of her now eight grandchildren, and they were small babies when she passed. Thankfully – we’re able to keep her memory alive with pictures and stories – but it’s not the same. My heart hurts when something happens in my life and I can’t reach out to talk to her, or hold her or cry on her shoulder. I know she’s watching from above and is guiding me the best way she knows how – but God, I miss my mom.

I miss her so much that I had to put her in my series. The character of Norah Connors – is the exact personality and traits of my mom, Nancy. My mom used to call me ‘Baby-doll’, made apple turnovers (omg – yeah – SOOOO good), and had that quick-witted charm that makes the character of Norah, so damn awesome.

And because her character was so prominent in Broken Promises – I’m putting Broken Promises on sale for 99 cents – for today only. I want everyone to meet my mom, because she was so freaking awesome.

Happy Mother’s Day.
xoxo – Melissa –

Link – Broken Promises

Link – The Broken Road

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