NYC and Beyond…

7.6.2012 | 17:29

I was lucky enough to attend the Book Expo of America this week and literally walked away with a head full of knowledge and overwhelming craving to write. Thankfully my roomie had a laptop.. and a whole lotta patience!

I met some amazing people there and realized that the writing community -not just traditional publishers but indie too – is just that. A community. Everyone I met wants their fellow author to succeed. Authors and publishers were sharing experiences, recommendations, ideas.. etc. Partnerships were formed, relationships strengthed, and everyone was so helpful. It was great. I really felt like I was accepted as a indie author and that people who did want to help me succeed were genuine.

I can’t wait to start working with Bad Red Head Media and LK Editorial, as well as continue my work with Swift Ink Editorial Services. I know with their support, I will succeed.


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