September 11th

10.9.2012 | 22:08

Everyone has their story – where they were on September 11th, 2001. The tragic events of that day will live on forever as everything that we knew it – changed. Some for the better, others not so much. I look at my kids and hope that they never know of the fear we had, the sorrow we felt, or the sense of helplessness that overcame us as the day went on. The country – no the world – came together that day.

Tomorrow is a day of Remembrance. To remember those who were lost on that tragic day. To remember the strength we had and the healing that we had to do as we came together. We weren’t neighbors during that time; we were one. In the ashes of devastation, come healing and solidarity. Let’s remember that tomorrow and keep the feeling of love and country in our hearts, as we mourn for the ones we lost, pray for the ones still surviving, and be strong for those who are defending our country on the battlefield and behind the scenes.

Hug your family tighter tonight. Say hello to your neighbors. Mend a feud. Do something to make tomorrow worthwhile.

Melissa xoxoxo

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