Purchase a copy of The Broken Road or Broken Promises – Red Cross gets a donation

29.4.2014 | 22:29

My heart breaks at the sight of the tornado devastation in the midwest. Thousands of people are without homes. Families are torn apart. I can’t do much to help them being all the way here in DC- but I can donate funds. And so can you.

The Red Cross is one of the most legit non-profits out there. The money goes towards shelter, healthcare, food and supplies to feed those who are affected by this disaster. They need everything they can get.

For every copy of The Broken Road and Broken Promises sold from today until May 3rd, I will donate $1 to the American Red Cross or up to $200, whatever is higher.

The links are here.

The Broken Road

Broken Promises

If you just want to donate – and not purchase a book – just text RED CROSS to 90999. *Regular text messaging rates apply*

Thank you. <3 Melissa

Broken Promises!

10.3.2014 | 21:24

bken road - feb 2014 coverBroken Promises - cover

So?! What did you think about Broken Promises? Did you love it? Hate it? I love hearing comments so send me a note below or write a review on Amazon here!

Broken Promises is now LIVE!!!!

13.2.2014 | 17:22

I hope you all love it.

Thank you so much for you patience and support!! I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Broken Promises - cover

megan and shane

The release date for Broken Promises is FINALLY HERE!!!!!

11.2.2014 | 20:40

I am SOOOOO excited to announce that Broken Promises will be available on February 14, 2014 on Kindle. The print version should be available sometime next month.

I can’t wait for you all to read it – I truly hope you love it. Thank you SO much for being so paitent and kind and supportive. You’re all freaking rockstar – Without you – there would be no sequel or series. So this one’s for you.

I’ll post the link when it’s live. xoxo

I’m so sorry for being MIA….BUT I have great news!!!!

17.1.2014 | 20:10

So 2014 – a new year… and no Broken Promises. I know. I suck. BUT I have a very good excuse as to why.

If you haven’t been following along with my facebook page, well here’s the scoop.

Back in September, I decided to submit the series, both The Broken Road and Broken Promises, to a potential publisher. At first they seem really interested so we went back and forth for a couple of months. They read the entire manuscript of TBR and the first 5 chapters of BP. I couldn’t publish Broken Promises without knowing whether or not they were going to offer me a contract, so I waited. Alas, they decided to pass.

I was disappointed. For a moment. But then I realize it’s actually better. You know why? Because now I will be able to get Broken Promises to you all sooner rather than later.

Like —- within 4-6 weeks.

I’m in the 2nd phase of editing, and I’m sending it to my proof readers and beta readers this week. Then I get it formatted…. then … I push the button. I can’t tell you how excited I am and I truly want to thank you for being so patient with me. I’ll post more when we get closer to an actual date.

I love you guys.

Thanks for everything.
xoxo Melissa

Updates and ramblings

29.10.2013 | 22:26

Hey Everyone.

I am a horrible blogger – and I apologize profusely for my slackerness. Things have been going nuts – and I want to update you all on the series and what’s going on with the sequel to The Broken Road.

Well – Broken Promises is done. My fabulous and amazing editor, Jessica at Swift Ink Editorial Services, is working her magic now and I should have her notes and changes by this weekend. I’m also working with talented Mallory Rock for the cover work for not only Broken Promises, but also for a complete new cover of The Broken Road!

I started writing notes on Broken Rule, book 3 in The Broken Road Series. I plan to start writing on Saturday for Nanowrimo (my first time ever!!).

So things are moving along, slowly but surely. I’m hoping that I will have news of a release date soon.

But thank you. Thank you for sticking by me, and allowing me to give you the best sequel I can.


Time to put Christoph on the hot seat….

15.7.2013 | 12:00

So last month, Christoph Paul, author of the raunchy and hysterically funny books Passion of the Christoph and psychoanalytic Celebrity Poems, threw me into the hot seat and grilled me on the writing process, The Broken Road Series, and more especially, Broken Promises. So it’s my turn..

Me: You’ve written two ridiculously funny satires, one is the raunchy yet insightful of short stories, The Passion of the Christoph, a hysterical funny but oh-so-accurate book of celebrity poems – Psychoanalytic Celebrity Poems. Now, you’re writing a YA book. What made you jump from Non-fiction to YA?

Christoph: Fiction is my main love but I needed to get my writing swag/confidence back as I worked on this ridiculously ambitious literary novel for freaking years leading to no publication and just it being a shitty novel that needed 4 or 5 more revisions. It was young white male literary hubris, but I needed to experience it. So, I started writing non-fiction especially satire for writing to be ‘fun’ again and it came out really easy for me. I can just do it now; I can crank it out, non-fiction/humor you just can’t teach it; you just got it or you don’t.

I’ll be honest, even though I think I’m a cutie-pie, I’ve probably gotten laid a lot more than guys better looking than me because I’m clever, creative, and really funny and non-fiction is just being that: it using those tools and being a good story teller. What I do on a page is no different then I what I do at bar when trying to get laid. But fiction, especially a novel that shit is hard and I think that is why I think readers will always want fiction unless you’re a ‘brand’ or have a good platform for non-fiction. Fiction is the best art form next to Cable TV, which is basically a novel on the screen.

I am really proud of those two books I think they are great humor books but until I have that ‘brand’ established the average person won’t know or really care till I get what the pick up artists call ‘social proof’ or ‘pre-selection’. It is a little different in fiction, I can’t rely on charm and cleverness (unless you’re David Foster Wallace) I have to engage in 3-act structure, character, voice, premise, and revise hard core. I have to serve the story and have it make sense with what the characters do and the voice needs to match up—everything has to fit right. If it you don’t take the craft serious your novel is going to suck or you just got really lucky. But I love it, it is much harder than non-fiction but more rewarding; what is funny is about fiction is I feel I’m being more ‘real’ when writing it. With non-fiction, I’m just being funny Christoph, with fiction I’m just being and focused on the craft and serving the story.

Me: Can you give us a synopsis on what the YA book is going to be about?

Christoph: Fuck…I suck at this, I’m not a pitchman, but I’ll give it a go. It is about a 17 year old boy Joey Caldo who like all 17-year-old boys thinks he knows everything and ‘everything’ important is how to get girls. He thinks girls see guys the way the American public views movies, as most want to see The Blockbuster: tall, good looking, has money (bid budget), smart aka good plot, big star aka a big penis etc. you get the metaphor; Joey sees himself as an art film—an acquired taste, with an, um, average sized star. He meets and bonds with this ‘hot’ college girl Alexia who got a DUI who has to volunteer at his Jewish Grandma’s nursing home that he falls in love with and hopes he will be her art film…can’t give anymore a way. I like it, its very mainstream and very much draws on ‘John Hughes’, ‘Some Kind of Wonderful’, ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’, ‘High Fidelity’ and other non-lame romantic comedies but for YA. I’m revising one more draft for Book 1 and outlining book 2. I want it to be a series as I have a plot that feels natural and excites me for Book 2. I will say Book 1 can stand on its own. There is no cliffhanger.

Me: Be honest – is there a fabulously adorable character in there named Melissa? (Because all books should have a Melissa in them)

Christoph: You know, I have a lot of love for ‘Melissa’s’ one of best bro’s Brad, his wife I refer to as my mom because I look and act like a teenager. My cousin, and you, my home girl. But no Melissa’s in the YA book. There is an Alexia—the college girl, and there is a Valerie Kleinman (who was originally named Rachel but I needed to stop using that name because there will be a whole bunch poems about a girl named Rachel in my non-funny poetry collection At ‘Least I Get You In My Art & Other Poems’ I’m putting that out later this year with Swift Ink Books) the nerdy new girl that Joey confides in.

Me: Where do you find your inspiration? Not only for your stories, but as a musician, you’re a very creative person. What inspires you the most?

Christoph: I read, watch and listen: it’s usually other artists who are better than me that motivate me. I love the 2 K’s: Kurt Cobain and Kanye West, they are my favorites. They are just great songwriters who are unapologetic and I love that. I love artists who work ‘territorially’ who are like: fuck the market, I’m going to make something so good and original, the market will eventually come to me. I really wish Kurt didn’t kill himself I think rock music would be better, and Kanye’s got that Kardashian booty so he ain’t going nowhere. I just love melody and story telling. Song writing is just another aspect of poetry for me. I don’t see myself as musician even though I’m guitar pedal dork. Sean Quin Hanley my old lead guitar player, now that dude is a real musician. I am just a decent poet with a guitar. Sean he can shred, though, if anyone will save rock he’s young and talented enough to do it.

Me: You have a great blog and you’re extremely active in the indie community, even before ‘Passion’ was available. How did you get started in the whole writing scene?

Christoph: I owe a lot to Jessica Swift; at first I was asking her help for the literary novel, and yeah I will admit I thought she was hot cause I got a thing for tall chicks…my mom is taller than my dad it is very Freudian….but anyways, we became like best friends along the way, and she was has been a great mentor—she was the one who got on me twitter and said to blog. It’s ironic, a lot of women find some of my writing and tweeting deplorable and misogynistic but it was this strong feminist independent successful woman that encouraged me to write this stuff and get on Twitter. As I was cranking these funny pieces we talked about publishing a comedy book instead of me trying to revise the literary novel again to submit to another really cool indie publisher who one day I hope to publish with but that is a later goal. Right now, giving up on that literary novel has felt great, I just feel free to write what is more my strength but I still will write that literary novel when I’m good enough to write it (I’m like 5-8 years away) but now I just write stuff I’m good at writing, that people enjoy, and have solid editors (Jessica Swift and Loren Kleinman) behind me. I don’t act it but I look at writing very professionally and very business like. Shout out to the book ‘The War of Art’ by Steven Pressfield that is my bible.

Me: Did find the creative process for writing a novel the same as writing a song? What causes you more heartburn? What’s your favorite?

Christoph: Oh writing a novel, no doubt about that one. The song is just like fishing, once you fucked around enough and caught 4-5 chords you like for a verse and 4 to 5 for the chorus and figured out a melody the song is done. I just have to find the right words. Same with poems. Poems just come but you just need a great editor to make them better. Poetry and songwriting is very mystical. To contradict Norman Mailer, I think songwriting and poetry is ‘The Spooky Art’ but fiction will always give me heartburn. I remember in revising the second act of the YA I knew it wasn’t flowing and I was so pissed even after I outlined like an OCD person, but with practice comes fucking up less and I was able to fix that second act, and now I’m feeling good; I got three solid acts for this YA. My only complaint with the book, I wish my protagonist was a chick, that is my only complaint from a business stand point just because guys don’t read as much like women do or if they do its about wizards and dragons and other subjects that dry out women’s vaginas. I want to write a blog post “It’s A Man’s World But A Woman’s Kindle.” Male writers have to account for female readers it’s just pure numbers unless your Tucker Max or some shit like that. I took out a scene that was funny as hell, I’m talking “Porky’s” funny but it didn’t make sense for my character but I also I felt it would alienate female readers and not in a cool punk rock way, in a way that hurt the story. Underneath it all, The YA book is a good love story and chicks love a good love story I think both sexes do. But I think female readers like a female protagonist more but the character Joey ‘The Art Film’ Caldo is a very Lou Dobbleresque he’s much more likeable than me as a guy which is a good thing for women readers.

Me: What else should we talk about? Oh – how fricking awesome you are. So tell us about Christoph. Aside from working in the porn shops in SE DC (which, btw, is hysterical) what made you who you are? (Yeah, I’m getting all deep and ish.)

Christoph: I’m a fucked up a guy with a really good heart. I’m like Kanye, I’m really egotistical, self-absorbed, and I know I come off as an asshole and rub a lot of people the wrong way but it’s just cause I’m really passionate especially about art. I have a tattoo of Gambit of X-Men, which shows I’m a nerd but also I have it cause I have all this energy and I have to put it in to something constructive or I do self-destructive shit. Not to get all Oprah and besides I’m a middle class straight white guy who shouldn’t have shit to complain about but I’m have my shit, I did the stints in rehab and military school which screwed me up even more and it was turning to writing and playing music that really kept me from probably being pre-Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. If y’all don’t remember, he was bad. He was lucky to get a role on ‘Ally McBeal’.

Me: We’re going to hang when I come up there in November right?

Christoph: Hell’s yeah, I hope to have a new band together by then so you can see me play live and get crunk. On a side note I’m in a ‘band coma’—it’s not dead but I need new members to play non-acoustic solo shows. So I hope by then I’ll have a band again by then. But who knows, I am getting itch to do stand up comedy maybe you can see a show of me doing that.


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On the Hot Seat.

24.5.2013 | 20:19

So my friend Christoph Paul, author of the insanely funny book Passion of the Christoph, asked me to sit down and chat about The Broken Road Series, especially Broken Promises. I love talking with Christoph, so I jumped at the chance! But needless to say – I didn’t realize he would drag me over the coals so quickly! If you want to know more about the fiendishly clever and perverted mind of Christoph, check out his website, his facebook , and his tweets.

Interview with Melissa Huie of The Broken Road Series.

Ten Questions With Christoph

1) Melissa, let us cut to the chase, when is the second book of “The Broken Road Series” coming out?

UGH!!!! SOON!!!!! I feel like a horrible person to keep saying SOON, but not following through. It’s like dangling a cupcake in front of me while I’m running on the treadmill. It’s rotten and not fair. Seriously though, it should HOPEFULLY be here by the end of the summer. I’ve been having mojo issues – and not liking how the story is playing out – so I’m having to change a bunch of scenarios around. But SOON!

2) Okay, now that we got that out of the way is Jessica Swift an awesome editor or just a hottie with good word skills?

Uh – BOTH. She’s an amazing woman and an enormous asset. I like that she doesn’t give any bullshit, she’ll tell you straight off the bat if something sucks. But she’ll do it in an encouraging way so you don’t feel like shit after you get off the phone with her. “The Broken Road” wouldn’t be here without her. Hell, I wouldn’t be the writer I am without her. Not only did she edit my book, she gave me the guidance and the confidence to break through my invisible barriers. She’s a fucking rock star.

3) I know you have kids; I do not have any kids and wonder how the hell writers find the time to take care of the kids and still write.

Like all parents, trying to carve out time for yourself is a juggling act, especially when you work full-time. It is all about time management, having a good partner/support system, and getting very little sleep. During the week, I write when they’re in bed. On the weekends, I write whenever I can squeeze in time.

Take today for example, I went to work, did a full 8 hour day, went to a school play/reception thing (The wedding of Q&U, and how they’ll always be together forever – quite cute actually), took my kids to dinner at the pizza place where my husband met us. I then went to the gym for an hour, came home, showered, and now I’m supposed to be writing. I put things off – like the 10 loads of clean laundry sitting in baskets in my bedroom. My husband helps too (does more than I do) and is incredibly supportive, so as long as the dishes are done, the kids are fed, and somewhere there’s clean underwear, I can write.

4) Damn, I am not doing the kid stuff for a while. Reproducing sounds really hard. Okay, back to books, what was the first book you read where you like: damn, that is good but I could write something like that?

Good Lord, I don’t know. Probably “Twilight”. The stories were simple enough, but the words flowed easily and I wanted to be able to captivate the reader, just like she did.

5) Fucking “Twilight”, (note to self, I need to write some vampire shit…) Okay back to the issues at hand, if you had a free pass what would you want more Broken Road Series to be a world-wide best seller or a night with Channing Tatum?

World Wide Best Seller of course. Channing Tatum is hot, and can move like God knows what.. but he’s just a pretty face with a killer body. I want to be a world-wide best seller, with GREAT reviews.

6) Being a busy mom do you have a writing spot or territory where you can write or do you just write where and whenever you can?

With three kids (ages 4.5, 6.5 and 10) they are pretty self-sufficient. Most of the time, I write in the kitchen with either coffee, iced tea or a Hard Cider next to me. But if they want to go outside and wander around the woods at the end of my street, I go and write outside on my front porch. As long as they are within eyesight/earshot, we’re good.

7) Do you do research for your characters? Like if there is a stripper scene in book 2 or 3 how would you research this profession?

I do a lot of research for the book. For “The Broken Road”, as well as the entire series, the FBI and DEA element is huge. I spoke with several friends that are former and current agents that gave me a lot of technical verbiage to use, in addition to answering my questions about different tactics and scenarios. There are other venues I’m researching, such as MMA fighting/training, dock workers, radio personalities, and yes – even strippers. I find that people are more than willing to talk to someone about their career or passion. And the web is also a great learning tool. The last thing I want to do is sound stupid. It doesn’t take much time to make sure your facts are correct.

8) Who is a writer you feel needs to get more props and be known about?

Oh hell – there are so many. Katy Evans, author of the book “REAL”. Gail McHugh, author of “COLLIDE”. Cherri Lynn, author of the “Rock Me”. They are all amazing authors. I believe Cherri is a NYT best seller – but she’s freaking awesome. Also if people liked “50 Shades”, they really need to look at Maya Banks and Lori Foster. They do erotica like no other. Oh – and no one does boys school masturbation like the infamous Christoph Paul.

9) That is true, I like to think of myself as a Monet of boy school masturbation. But enough about my brilliance, I must know have you thought or even attempted an outline for Book 3 yet? I

I have a synopsis and a brief outline/endgame for books 3-7. I have people I want to introduce but it is difficult because what happens in book 2, ultimately changes the rest of the series. So I’m slowly piecing the series together.

10) Last question, what do you enjoy most about the act of writing?

I love allowing my imagination to run wild and think of all these concepts, people, acts that they do. And I love twisting and turning the plot and characters, weaving my own web of destruction and lust.

Word. Keep on weaving. Thank You Melissa.

Update on Broken Promises and The Broken Road Series

11.3.2013 | 21:22

It has been way too long since my last post. I am terribly sorry for that. Between work, kids, and life in general, time has slipped by without me realizing it. But enough of that – here’s some updates.

Broken Promises

I can see the end in sight!!! (Well, because I’ve written the end and working backwards!) I’m close to completing the first draft of the manuscript. As all writers know, this is the first step of many. Then comes my editing, then my editor’s comments, then me having to make the changes, then having my betas read them. THEN comes the awesome piece that will be on your kindle. I’m taking my time, I don’t want to give you, my awesome readers, a shoddy piece of work. So please bear with me. It’s coming. Soon. I promise.

The Series.

So I’ve written an alternate ending to Broken Promises. There are now 2 possible outcomes. I’m not 100% sure which one I’m going to do…. and that’s what is keeping me from completing it. What happens in Broken Promises ultimately affects the entire series. That being said, there is more than likely at least seven books in the series. After Broken Promises, each book will feature a new main character and the stories will come from their point of view.

The Broken Road.
I’ve seen the reviews for The Broken Road and I’m so happy that you all love it. However there are some comments regarding my editing that I feel deserve a reply. My fabulous editor did her job. She went through the entire manuscript and helped me with character development, writing style, and wording. However, and this is on me, she did not get the final manuscript for revision. I am solely responsible for my work. No one is paying me. Everything I do on this book with outside help, I pay for out of my own pocket. Yes, I made some grammical errors which I have fixed. I tried to do this myself and the results weren’t perfect. In my own excitement, I rushed the process and even though I read through each line a million and one times, I still had errors. I hate that I gave you a not-perfect edition – but at the same time, I really feel the minimal errors did not detract from the story. If you feel differently, I’m sorry.

For this week (March 12 to the 16th) The Broken Road will be free. I’ve done everything I can to fix the errors and I hope you’ll love the connection between Megan and Shane.

Thanks for being such awesome readers and I really appreciate all the comments and love you’ve given me. You all are the reasons why I’m writing, without you – there would be no series.

xoxo – Melissa –

PS – Since I’m always on my smartphone – Check out my fb site and chat with me!

Updates and ramblings…

28.11.2012 | 08:30

Hi all!!!

I wanted to give you some updates on what’s been going on with the series, my writing, and the chaos that is my life.

First and Foremost – I LOVE YOU GUYS! You are all the reason why I’m writing. The support you’ve shown me and love I feel is absolutely AMAZING! When I see comments on my FB page that people are hooked and they loved the book – it floors me. I want to reply – really? Seriously? You’re talking about my book right? Surreal to know that people other than my friends and family (whom I adore BTW!!) like what I do. So thank you, from the bottom of my coffee and chocolate laden heart.

Secondly – Between the days of November 1-17, 50 books were sold through Amazon. That’s great! So $50 went to the American Red Cross. Thank you for your support – and please keep donating – they could use the help.

Oh – and I did a free promo over the weekend. And my mind was blown away at the amount of people that downloaded The Broken Road. Once the promo ended, the book was downloaded 32,688 times. HOLY MOLY! That’s … that’s just bananas to me. I made #2 on Amazon’s Top 100 Free Ebook List, and #1 on both Amazon’s Top 100 Free Romance and 100 Top Free Literary Fiction. That’s freaking huge. So thank you – thank you thank you! I’ll be doing another free promo sometime in January.

Broken Promises – A lot of you want to know when book two is coming out. WELLL – Broken Promises SHOULD be out late February/early March. I say “should” because… well… I’m still writing it. Promoting The Broken Road, working all day, and life in general made Broken Promises take a backseat. But now that life is a little less hectic – I’m focusing all my free time on making it better than The Broken Road. (seriously – I should post pictures on how many loads of clean laundry are piled on my bed.)

I have a million ideas running through my head about the series – and I can’t wait to show you! I’m sure you’ll be just as excited as I am.

Melissa – xoxo.